Experience the glide of a traditional skateboard enhanced by the power and freedom of an electric motor. The Inboard M1™, with our patented Manta Drive Technology, features two direct drive motors engineered to fit inside the rear wheels.  

The Manta Drive™ has no gearing, no belts, and no limitations. It offers smooth acceleration with no resistance to the wheel, allowing the board to glide like a traditional skateboard. Enjoy predictable acceleration  while feeling secure with intuitive and efficient regenerative braking. 


At Inboard, we believe a great remote should feel like a natural extension of mind and body. That's why we designed the RFLX™ Remote to ergonomically and effortlessly stay in your hand, even when your palm is open. This not only allows intuitive control over acceleration and deceleration without the worry of dropping the remote, but allows you to focus on the most important thing of all: enjoy the ride. 

With it's removable tail, the RFLX Remote will stay in your hand without concern. Even better, clip it to your bag, pocket, or board for easy storage. This tail was designed to keep your remote right where you want it at all times while keeping your mind at ease. If you prefer the feel of the remote without the tail, simply remove it with a standard screwdriver. 



No one should have to plan their day around outlets and chargers. That's why Inboard has designed the world's first electric skateboard with swappable battery packs. The PowerShift™ battery can be swapped in seconds. Carry an extra pack in your bag, and simply click it in when another battery is depleted. Inboard's PowerShift Battery has its own USB port for easy charging, or even giving your mobile phone some extra juice while on the go.