Get To Know Your Dashboard

With Inboard Vision - our mobile app, you will receive endless feedback and be in control of every feature of your board all with a swipe. Here is a look at the heart of Inboard Vision: your DASHBOARD.

Battery Power: Never be caught off guard with a dying battery. Always know how much power you have left so you can plan ahead or pop in that extra battery pack. 

Mode: The Dashboard displays the current mode that your board is set in. Ride on, or adjust so your friend can take a turn. 

Speed: The Dashboard displays both your current speed and average speed. What's better than being able to look back on you and your friends' top speeds of the day? 

Acceleration: At a glance, know what your acceleration is set at. Even customize it so you're always ready and comfortable when you hop on your board. 

Distance: The Dashboard displays your distance traveled AND even shows you your estimated remaining range so you'll always know if you've got enough battery to make it to your destination. 

Motor Temp: We want you to know everything about your board. This includes making the communication between the motors, board, and remote visible to you. 

Board Lock: You now have the ability to quickly lock and unlock your board with a simple lock code. No problem keeping your roommate off your board while you're away.

ALL this information on just one page of our insanely beautiful and easy to use app!! We can't wait to show you more. There's a ton look forward to. 

-Team Inboard