Inboard + Hydroflex Collaboration


At Inboard we believe collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. When smart, dedicated and passionate people come together in the pursuit of a common goal, great things are achieved. In our pursuit to create the most refined powered longboard ever created, we knew it would be vital to partner with top innovators and athletes alike in order to find success.

Hydroflex Technology is the most innovative surfboard and skateboard producer in the world. With an in-house team of engineers and board shapers that all skate (many at the professional level) Hydroflex is able to reduce the development time from materials testing to athlete feedback. This allows them to walk the path of constant innovation. 

In order to create a deck design that was both performance oriented, sleek, and capable of housing all of the needed electrical components, we knew that a collaboration with Hydroflex was imperative. The result is the Monolith... the epitome of technology that flows.