Stretch Goals Are Here!

To our incredibly eager and supportive backers,

Wow! The outpouring of interest and enthusiasm continues to be amazing. We reached our original funding goal almost instantly, and just eclipsed $200,000 with 3 weeks left. And we are not ready to call it a day just yet...

Many of you have asked us about stretch goals since the onset of our campaign. We appreciate your patience and have thought about several different ideas that would enhance the Monolith. Today, we are announcing 3 stretch goals that we are extremely excited about. If we can hit these goals, Inboard will be able to offer some amazing options and add-ons to the most innovative electric skateboard ever made.

$300,000 - Backer Number Engraved

Every Monolith purchased on Kickstarter will be engraved with your personal backer number. We couldn't accomplish this without your support, so cruise around with pride and show that you were truly a part of making this all happen from the very beginning.

$400,000 - Black Wheels, Red Trucks

Every Monolith purchased on Kickstarter will have an option for the color combination of the wheels and trucks. You can pick black wheels and red trucks, or keep the original red wheels with black trucks. We know that aesthetics are a huge part of picking a board, and we're stoked to be able to offer you some different options.

$500,000 - 45-Minute Rapid Charger

Every Monolith purchased on Kickstarter will come with a charger capable of charging your largest battery from 0-100% in 45 minutes. This halves the charging time from the current 90-minute setup. Spend less time charging and more time carving.