Hey Backers, Time To Choose!

It’s never too early to start getting excited... our first shipment of swag and stickers have already arrived! In addition, the time has come to select your backer reward options!

Over the next few days we'll be sending out the remaining backer surveys where you can pick your size(s), color & engraving options, and tell us where you'd like your items delivered. If you've already received and completed your survey, high five! Your quick reply is greatly appreciated.

These surveys are crucial for us to deliver your reward items on time and to the right address, so please be sure to fill them out as accurately as possible so we can deliver your item(s) on time. 

In other news... Did you know that motorized skateboards were banned in California in 1977? The main reason: noise and pollutants from gasoline powered skateboards. As it stands now, the law technically bans both gas and electric powered skateboards. 

Gears are moving within the California State Assembly in the form of AB 604 to change this and legalize electrically motorized skateboards. If you live in the state of California, we urge you to contact one of these transportation committee members with your support for the bill.

Having trouble following link? Paste the url below into your web browser - http://atrn.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff