Expanding & Hard At Work!


Hello Friends! 

It’s been a busy several weeks here at Inboard HQ and we’re really excited to take a moment to step back and update everyone on how everything is progressing. Since reaching over 400% of our goal on Kickstarter a little over a month ago, we’ve made leaps and bounds in growing our small team and bringing our vision to market. Read on to get all the details. 

The Monolith is now the M1 

All aspects of the M1 are progressing nicely! 

All aspects of the M1 are progressing nicely! 

At Inboard, our long-term plan has always included building a diversified product line. Since we’re still early in the branding process, we wanted to create a board naming structure that was not only a snap to remember, but would also give a foundation for the meaningful expansion of our lineup. We want our model names to easily differentiate our designs, while avoiding the high cost of securing a trademark for every new model we release.

Given those requirements and the momentum already established by the name Monolith, we’ve decided to name our first board the M1. Same dual motor Manta Drive inside the rear wheels, same internal swappable battery back, just a shorter, easier to remember name that we will continue to build upon in the future: The Inboard M1! 


PCB Sensor Testing

PCB Sensor Testing

Theo and the engineering team at Inboard have been hard at work getting the M1 ready for manufacturing. They have recently designed a new custom magnet that directs even more magnetic energy and power to the motor. This creates a more efficient Manta Drive. Building off this advancement, the team has also created a brand new flux ring design. The flux ring is the housing in which the magnets are attached, and with this new design more torque for braking and acceleration is achieved! The PCB sensor (wheel sensor) design is finalized, and a new motor mount design has been mounted to our pre-production boards and is in the final stages of testing. 

Paige and Patrick have been busy fine tuning the design of our unique RFLX remote in order to give you the most intuitive level of control possible in an electric skateboard. Paige has also been busy redesigning the user interface of our app to meet the same intuitive expectations set forth by the remote. Finally, our Structural Engineer has been designing the retail packaging for the M1. The current version is structurally sound with a clean high-end look that’s also environmentally friendly.


Brian Eiseman - Product Director

A graduate of Sacramento State University, Brian received his degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on composites. Proficient in 3D CAD design and analysis, manufacturing and prototyping, he has extensive experience working with Pro Engineer, Solidworks and 3D Printing which enables him to develop technically advanced products for future release at the R&D facility at Inboard HQ. 

From Inboard CEO Ryan Evans: “Brian has spent his entire career leading the product teams of some of the largest brands in action sports. With his technical and engineering background, Brian will help Inboard solidify itself as the leader in product engineering and quality control." Before joining Inboard, Brian was an integral member of R&D and development at Surftech and Easton Bell Sports, overseeing the integration of new products with sales strategy, quality assurance and supply chain integration.

Patrick Rebstock - Industrial Engineer 


A longtime standout among professional kitesurfers, many people don’t realize Patrick Rebstock is also a standout industrial engineer, earning his Industrial Design and Packaging degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has designed custom composite laminations with Hydroflex for his surfboards and is involved with the design of kites, control systems, kiteboards, and hydrofoils with Slingshot Sports. Patrick is on the cutting edge of rider driven technology, and sees the opportunity at Inboard to continue the evolution of human transportation and rideable technology.

From Inboard CEO Ryan Evans: "With Patrick's lifelong affinity for action sports, in addition to his technical and engineering background, we're thrilled to have him on the Inboard Team. Building a team of passionate athletes with the knowledge to engineer and produce the highest performance product is the cornerstone of the brand. We are confident that his product development expertise will be a crucial contribution to help expand the brand and it's product lines." 

Leo Betancourt - Global Sales Director

Leo comes to the Inboard team with a degree in International Business and Finance from Florida International University. He will be in charge of creating a network of distributors and retailers that will build and promote Inboard on a global scale, while also offering the highest level of customer support. Previously Leo managed all macro operations for a Miami-based watersports company, with two stores in the U.S. and presence around the globe.

From Inboard CEO Ryan Evans: "Leo has a long history of being on the forefront of new trends and technologies in Action Sports. His passion in this area, coupled with his expertise in retail sales and global markets, will allow Leo to lead Inboard in becoming represented globally as the leader in Rideable Technology."

For Kickstarter Backers waiting on Inboard Apparel Rewards... Inboard T-shirts and Hoodies are in the mail and should be at your door soon! Please note that if you are outside the US it will take some extra time for your items to arrive. If you’re an Inboard Snapback Hat or Jacket backer, your order will be shipping next week. Our sincerest apologies for the delay; early samples of these items needed refinements and we’re waiting for the final versions to be delivered to HQ. We appreciate your patience and can’t wait to see everyone rocking the Inboard logo!