Lighter, Faster, Stronger

Dear Backers & Friends,

For this update, we have some really exciting news about the ongoing development of the M1. We're going to introduce a collection of performance enhancements, show you our updated project timeline, and tell you about a vital new feature that will be built standard into every M1 we ship. Read on to get all the details.

Defy Gravity with a Smaller Battery 

The M1 will now utilize a smaller, swappable battery that holds the same power and capacity as the original battery seen in our Kickstarter campaign. This not only makes it easier to carry extra batteries, but it enables us to design a stronger, more durable deck. 

A battery that takes up less space inside the deck leaves more room to place internal structure and ribbing, which results in a deck that's significantly stronger than we originally thought possible. 


A new, smaller battery and a stronger deck are vital improvements to the M1, but this redesign has altered our production timeline. Instead of shipping in September, we now expect to ship the M1 in the first quarter of 2016.

We know this will be a disappointment for some of you and for that, we apologize. This is the last bit of news we wanted to deliver to our customers. However, despite having to wait longer for the M1, we are confident these enhancements to our original design will be worth the wait. Below you can find our updated project timeline.

Manta Drive

The Manta Drive is the primary reason many of you backed the M1, and that's why we're thrilled to announce that after a month of further development, our in-wheel, direct drive technology keeps getting better. Most notably, we're now using customized arc magnets that can be placed closer to the stator inside the drive. This allows us to focus more power directly towards the motor, and increases magnetic polarity from 60 to 90%. 

This increase in magnetic polarity improves the Manta Drive in every way. It delivers more hill-climbing torque, smoother acceleration, better braking, and less drag. Most notably, the improvements to acceleration, braking, and glide result in a board that's very predictable, extremely easy to ride and ultimately safer. The smooth feel of the Manta Drive is something we've seen benefit everyone from first-time skateboarder to downhill pro, and this is the driving force behind all aspects of design for the M1. 

Expanding Horizons with LEDs

The most exciting new feature coming to the M1 is LED light integration. Including LED lights has always been a goal of ours, but there’s a big difference between lights that let others see you and lights that allow you to see. That's why the front of the M1 will have four bright white LED’s, each 3x brighter than the flashlight of an iPhone. Also, for braking and visibility, the rear of the board will feature four rear-facing red LED’s. Thanks to the shape of the M1, each pair of LEDs will be fully protected and out of the way of any accidental impacts to the nose and tail of the board.

Not only will this feature help motorists see you at night, but it will enable you to see potholes, rocks, speed bumps and other urban obstacles in your path. Anyone who’s ventured at night on a busy, dark street can understand the benefits this brings.

Back To Work 

You can stay updated on the weekly progress of the M1 through and catch photos and videos from the R&D process (read: lots of prototype M1 riding!) from @inboardskate on Instagram. Like always, we’re here to help with any questions, comments, or concerns. You can reach us directly through email at 

We’re confident the M1's new battery, stronger deck, more efficient Manta Drive and LED light integration will deliver an incredible experience, with the potential of becoming a fixture in your everyday life. We can’t wait to ride with you soon. 


The Inboard Team