Surf Expo, RFLX Remote & A New Team Member


As you may have seen through social media, we just wrapped up our first major trade show appearance at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. How was it? Well, if almost running out of brochures, stickers, dealer packets and free skate tools on the first day is any indication, it was phenomenal! 

Not only did we meet with a ton of excited retailers and distributors, but we were able to show off the performance of the M1™ inside and outside the show floor. The feedback was stellar... riders were amazed by the smoothness of the Manta Drive™ and the integrated LED's were a huge hit! Check out the video and photos below for all the highlights.

The whole team was overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback from the show and would like to thank each and every person who made it such a positive experience. 

RFLX Remote™ 

Just before arriving at the Expo, we received production samples of the over-molded outer shell of the RFLX remote. While we are still working on a few refinements and color details, this was a huge step towards the final version. 


Appearances aside, when it comes to a good electric skateboard remote, the most important feature is it's ability to remain wirelessly connected to the board at all times. Over the past several months we've been designing, testing and redesigning the remote's printed circuit board (PCB) to ensure the most robust Bluetooth connection possible. We're happy to report that after making minor adjustments we have drastically improved the strength and range of the connection, yielding a solid connection even when the remote is over 20 feet from the board and in a pocket. The new remote has even passed the 'armpit test', where we do everything possible while riding the board, including stuffing the remote in an armpit, to get the connection to drop. While further testing is needed, these early signal range and strength tests are very promising. 

A New Addition to the Team

We'd like to formally welcome our brand new Staff Firmware Engineer, Komalsingh Choudhary, to the Inboard Team! Komal comes to us with experience in embedded software design, development and project management.

His specialties include firmware driver development, embedded product development, and algorithm design. Komal will be focusing on further development and optimization of the firmware associated with the motor controllers and increasing the efficiency of the embedded systems on the M1. 

Sneak Peak: Accessory Line

Product Director Brian Eiseman is back in Asia this week getting all the final details pulled together on the M1 deck construction, RFLX Remote over-molding/color scheme, and fine tuning our sweet new accessory line!


Pictured above is a preliminary batch of samples, which includes a wheeled dual compartment board bag, backpack, RFLX Remote case and board sleeves. For the next update, expect a full report on Brian's trip to Asia and other related development updates on the M1. 

We can't wait to ride with you soon!


The Inboard Team