Inboard at CES 2016

Ryan, CES bound on the M1. 

Ryan, CES bound on the M1. 

Late last week Ryan, Leo, Chris and Nate set course for Las Vegas and the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest technology trade show in the world. Goals of the trip included hosting our first international dealer meeting, touching base with our motor vendor, and getting as much feedback on the M1 as possible from the broader tech community. 

Max and Sean from The Verge getting the shot. 

Max and Sean from The Verge getting the shot. 

Early on Friday the team demoed a pair of prototype M1's with members of the media. The feedback we received on these prototypes was nothing short of phenomenal! Read on to find a round up of all the resulting Inboard CES coverage.  

"The Inboard M1 looks like the best new electric skateboard on the block"

Electric skateboards are one of the most exciting new products in the last few years. Because they're new, there's no escaping some massive caveats. They're heavy and expensive, long range and great battery life aren't easy to find, and you really can't ride many of them if and when the battery dies. That last one is a big problem, and California company Inboard has a unique solution.

Inboard brought a prototype of its first board, the M1, to CES, so I (and a number Verge staffers) took a test ride in the parking lot outside... read more here

Skate or Die: Are Electric Skateboards the Best Rideable?

They’re safer than hoverboards, more versatile than bikes, and more portable than almost everything.

One reviewer described the electric skateboard experience as “glorious.” And despite the intimidating top speed, they may be safer than standard boards, broadening their appeal... Read more here

"Inboard’s M1 electric skateboard offers an unparalleled riding experience"

Electric skateboards are nothing new anymore, but Inboard's approach and design solves some nagging problems and unless you look closely, you'll never know it's an electric ride. Why? Because it looks like a normal skateboard/longboard... Read more here

"Top 10 Coolest Gadgets at CES 2016"

California-based Inboard has managed to solve two of the biggest problems that have plagued electric longboards so far — namely, running out of power, and not being able to ride the skateboard after the motor dies...

Their approach was innovative indeed: by placing individual motors in each wheel, the M1 electric skateboard looks sleek without the added bulk of a motor on the underside, and the wheels can also be individually spun, allowing the user to ride it like a normal longboard. Read more here

All told, it was as productive of a trip as you could possibly squeeze into 48 hours in Las Vegas. We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to ride with us for their invaluable feedback and support, and can't wait to return to CES in 2017!


The Inboard Team