Shipping Progress & M1 Walkthrough

Thank you again for your amazing support and patience! We have been making progress, building and shipping boards since July 28th. For this post we have some updates on our shipping timeline, a demo of the production M1™ from CEO Ryan Evans, and even a few links to customer videos and pictures with their M1.

Shipping Schedule Update

We know everyone is very anxious to get their M1, and we wish we could get them all to you immediately. However, as with any new product, we’re working through the idiosyncrasies of scaling up the manufacturing process. Currently we are building all M1 Electric Skateboards in house until we have every detail mastered. Due to our rigorous quality control process, we’re not ready to turn over the manufacturing to our factory. This means the volume of boards we can produce will remain limited until we finalize our assembly process. The volume is less than initially expected, however we are maintaining a high overall consistency and quality in product assembly each day. We plan to accelerate production as we go.

We are still shipping the M1 in the order that we received the purchase. The revised shipping schedule is as follows:

Inboard’s top priority is to deliver the best product with the best rider experience. Riders have been extremely happy with the M1 Electric Skateboards they have received to date. We realize not every customer wants to be the subject of internet ‘fame’, so we pulled a few links and videos from some folks who were happy to share their Inboard experience with us. When you get your M1, please feel free to share by using our hashtag #InboardUnboxing #InboardM1 or tagging Inboard in your post on social media!

#unboxing of @inboardskate M1 part 2. What's inside? 📦🎬#InboardUnboxing #Inboard #InboardM1 #M1

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INBOARD IS THE HOUSE!! #inboardunboxing #letthefunbegin #inboard #nevertooold

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International Certification & Shipping

We have received our certifications and we will begin shipping orders internationally in mid-September. The reason we are holding off on shipping internationally in August is we want to finalize our manufacturing assembly process so every M1 is consistently assembled and there are no issues when you receive your board. We apologize about the delay, and we realize what an inconvenience it is to you, but our goal is to deliver an incredibly high-quality product and that is taking more time than we initially expected. We appreciate your patience.

Inboard M1 Walkthrough with CEO Ryan Evans

We’ve received a number of requests asking about different aspects of the final production M1, and we feel the best way to answer most of those questions was to show everyone the M1 ‘in person’ at the same time. Inboard CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Evans walks through all of the features, details, and specifications of the M1 in the video below.

What’s Next?

When your M1 is ready to ship, you’ll receive an email from Inboard with tracking information and expected delivery date. In the meantime, if you’ve moved recently, please let us know your current shipping address by emailing with the subject line: “Change of address.” Please include your order number with that email.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment here or drop us an email at 

We can't wait to ride with you soon!


The Inboard Team