Production Ramp

September has moved very quickly here at Inboard. Primary objectives since our last update have been: 1) Hand build, quality check and ship as many Kickstarter boards as possible, and 2) Transition the M1™ manufacturing process over to our volume manufacturing facility.  We’ve seen success on both objectives, as the feedback on the M1 from Kickstarter Backers who have received their boards has been fantastic, and we’re very close to finalizing the process of transitioning to volume manufacturing. We know you’re anxious to learn about the shipping schedule moving forward, so let’s get to it. Feel free to watch the update video from Inboard CEO Ryan Evans below or read on for further details. 

Shipping Schedule Update

We’re still tracking to the schedule we announced in our last update with one small revision for international Kickstarter orders. Here’s the latest:

Pre-order boards will be shipped in the order that they were received to both U.S. and International customers. We appreciate your patience as we ramp M1 production.

As a reminder, every board up to this point has been assembled by hand to ensure quality and consistency. Over the last month, we have been finalizing the transition to our volume manufacturing facility, and we expect this process to be complete by the first week of October. Once in place, our shipping volume and speed will increase exponentially.

While much slower, the advantages of hand building each M1 has shown in every finished board, and will continue to be seen as we transition to volume manufacturing. Hand building has enabled us to fine tune and resolve minor quality control issues before producing at a high volume, which is critical to shipping the highest quality board possible.

In order to communicate when you can expect to receive your M1, we’ll be sending shipping emails over the next week to every Kickstarter and pre-order customer with the estimated date they can expect their board to ship.

Status of New Orders

Thanks to all of you and some great reviews, the demand for the M1 has far exceeded our wildest expectations. As a result, any new orders taken after Wednesday, September 14th, 2016, will not be fulfilled until early 2017. Pre-orders placed on or before this date will ship according to the schedule above in the order they were received and before the end of the year. Again, If you have placed a pre-order, you will be receiving an email this week with your expected ship date.

Need Help?

For any support issues please visit our new customer service page at Answers to technical questions, helpful tips and tricks, and more can be found here. You can also get up and running with your M1 in minutes with the M1 Quickstart Video.

For those Kickstarter Backers who have received their M1, please share your riding on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram with the hashtag #InboardUnboxing. For other questions, comments, thoughts, or concerns, drop us an email at

We can't wait to ride with you soon!


The Inboard Team