Volume Manufacturing

We’ve entered October with major progress on the M1™ production front. By far the highlight of last month was the successful transition of M1 assembly to our volume manufacturing facility. This is great news, and means we will be able to greatly increase the rate we can produce and deliver the remaining M1 orders.

An M1 being QC'ed on one of our test fixtures

An M1 being QC'ed on one of our test fixtures

Over the past two weeks production capacity has been steadily increasing while we make the necessary process adjustments to ensure our high quality standards are met. The first boards manufactured at this state-of-the-art facility have already shipped to a handful of backers, and we’re confident our facility will be able to ramp production and fulfill all scheduled M1 orders in 2016.

Short Delivery Delay

While the transition to volume manufacturing has gone smoothly, we are temporarily limited in our supply of one component: Manta Drive motors. Last month we made a process manufacturing change to the way the motors are assembled. This change in no way influenced motor performance, but rather increased the rate at which our motors can be assembled. We made this change in preparation for the switch to volume manufacturing.

Manta Drives queued for assembly

Manta Drives queued for assembly

Unfortunately, the completion of this process change coincided with a two week local holiday and has pushed back our next (and largest) shipment of Manta Drive motors. We regret and apologize for the delay, but feel the change was necessary in order to efficiently meet M1 demand for this year. Our build and delivery schedule has been adjusted to reflect this, and we will be delivering updated shipping estimates to all backers and pre-order customers over the next 24 hours.

If you do not receive your updated shipping estimate by Thursday, October 13th, please email us at support@inboardtechnology.com.

Introducing the Inboard Vision™ App

As you know from our initial Kickstarter campaign, Inboard Vision is the mobile app that allows you to control your M1™ and its settings from your iOS device. It also allows you to upgrade your M1 firmware, which provides critical performance updates to your board on a regular basis. The Inboard Vision app has been submitted to the Apple App Store, and will be approved by Apple shortly. Once the Inboard Vision App is approved we will begin building out the Android version of the App, which we’re targeting to have available by the start of the new year. For more information on the Inboard Vision App, check out http://inboardtechnology.com/vision-app.

PowerShift Battery USB Adapter

In our original Kickstarter campaign we mentioned that the PowerShift Battery would be able to charge everyday USB devices like a phone or camera. The current design didn’t allow us to integrate this feature directly into the battery. We still think it is crucial to provide this functionality, so we’re designing an adapter that connects to the bottom of the battery and will allow easy charging of a USB device. This adapter will be shipped free of charge to all customers as soon as it’s ready.

The M1 Experience

Inboard riders are thrilled with the M1 so far! Check out a some of their posts below. 

For those Kickstarter Backers who have received their M1, feel free to share your riding experiences on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram with the hashtag #InboardUnboxing or #InboardM1.

Demo an M1 in the San Francisco Bay Area

We’re excited to announce the M1 is now available for demo at b8ta (b8taretail on Facebook) in Palo Alto, California! b8ta is a unique retailer designed to help you discover, experience and demo the latest tech products out of the box.

b8ta does not actively stock and sell products from their store. Instead, they offer demos and direct customers to order products through each participating company's website. As such, you won't need to worry about retail customers receiving product before you. Experience the M1 and take it for a spin around the block at 516 Bryant Street in Palo Alto, CA. 

Need help?

For answers to technical questions, helpful tips and tricks, and general help with support visit our customer service page at support.inboardtechnology.com. You can also get up and running with your M1 in minutes with the M1 Quickstart Video.

For any questions, comments, thoughts, or concerns, drop us an email at support@inboardtechnology.com.

We can't wait to ride with you soon!


The Inboard Team